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  • 700ml Super Flint Vodka Glass Bottle Rum Glass Bottle

    700ml Super Flint Vodka Glass Bottle Rum Glass Bottle

    700ml super flint vodka glass bottle, rum glass bottle This super flint glass bottle could be used for vodka, rum, gin, Tequila,and we could also do decorations on glass bottle, for example, frosting, decal, painting, foil, instead of traditional label. Of course, if you want...Read More

  • Clear Vodka Bottle

    Clear Vodka Bottle

    Clear vodka bottle Vodka is a traditional Russian alcoholic beverages,use corn or potatoes as raw material, through alcohol distilled from as high as 95 degrees, again with distilled water desalination to 40 degrees to 60 degrees, and through the activated carbon filter,...Read More

  • Top Grade XO Glass Bottle

    Top Grade XO Glass Bottle

    Top Grade XO Glass Bottle The XO is the finest brandy that represents the top, as well as the VSOP, VS, and VO levels. In the brandy, XO and VSOP are all representative of this series of wines. For example, XO, which is the aging period of puree wine.XO is the meaning of...Read More

  • Square Juice Glass Bottle

    Square Juice Glass Bottle

    Square juice glass bottle Want a perfect juice bottle for your juice?pls contact us from our selection of juice bottles and you'll find bottles of all shapes and sizes,of course,the bottles can be customized if you have your only design.We have traditional juice bottles...Read More

  • 500ml Glass Beer Bottle

    500ml Glass Beer Bottle

    Product Name: 500ml/16.9oz Amber Glass Beer Bottle With Swing top Product Description: Our 500 ml beer bottles are perfect for your latest creation. 500 ml / 16.9 oz is the perfect size. Larger than a 12oz bottle, these awesome new bottles can take either a standard 26mm...Read More

  • 1000ml Red Wine Glass Bottle

    1000ml Red Wine Glass Bottle

    Product name: 1000ml Amber Red Wine Glass Bottle Aluminum Screw Caps Product Application: Bring enough so everyone can have a taste with these 1 Liter/34.16oz Amber Burgundy Wine Bottles. You may want to put a hearty red wine in this 34.16 oz Burgundy bottle. The color is...Read More

  • Amber Glass Syrup Bottles

    Amber Glass Syrup Bottles

    Production name: 30ml Amber Glass Syrup Bottles Tamper-Evident Caps Production Application: 30ml Amber Glass Syrup Bottles Tamper-Evident Caps This type of amber glass syrup bottles are used for cough medicines, liquid prescription and pharmaceutical product, ect. This type...Read More

  • 2ml Glass Vial

    2ml Glass Vial

    2ml glass vial 2ml vials are manufactured borosilicate Glass material, which meets all Pharmaceutical requirements. The glass performs excellently at high temperatures and is chemical resistant to acidic, neutral and alkali solutions. We pack them in a very clean environment...Read More

  • Violet Essential Oil Bottle

    Violet Essential Oil Bottle

    Specifications: What’s the advantages of the dark violet essential bottle? (1) Dark Violet essential oil bottle could protects Your Goods 6 months+. (2) Eco-Friendly, Clean and Re-use (3) High-end look FAQ 1) How to place my own brand logo on dark violet essential oil bottle?...Read More

  • Amber Straight Edge Glass Jar

    Amber Straight Edge Glass Jar

    Amber straight edge glass jar In the packaging industry, the wide opening of the jar makes it easy for users to access the contents.Iwe have over 2000 types of glass jars, almost all styles, sizes, colors and shapes.You can get the market specific jars: food glass jar,...Read More

  • Smooth Plastic Cap

    Smooth Plastic Cap

    Smooth plastic cap Smooth plastic cap could work well with many body lotions, skin creams, face washes, and cosmetics which comes from China. The smooth plastic caps are available in a wide range of useful sizes. The cap has excellent chemical resistance and a low moisture...Read More

  • 700ml Vodka Glass Bottle

    700ml Vodka Glass Bottle

    700ml vodka glass bottle The vodka producer are all over the word,why customer choose our vodka glass bottle to fill the vodka? Shandong united mebong glass has more than 15 years rich experience in vodka glass bottle manufacture, we have produced various types of vodka glass...Read More

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