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There Are Three Major Differences Between The Spray Bottle And The Color Bottle
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The spray bottle and color bottle are produced in the glass bottle factory, because of their flexibility and diversity, they are more likely to receive baijiu.

Love of industry. So how do we distinguish between these two bottles in so many bottles and bottles? What are they?

What's the difference?

1. First, the processing means are different. The spray bottle is painted by spraying and spraying the paint on the heat. flask

Generally it is the combination of spray bottle and coloured bottle. The colored wine bottle is the color of the glass bottle itself, which is mainly light blue and dark blue.

Color, brown and dark green, etc.

2. The scope of the two applications is also different. The spray bottle is mainly used in baijiu, and the colored wine bottle can be used not only for baijiu, but also for liquor.

To areas such as beer and wine.

We know that some of the differences between the spray bottle and the color bottle can be better for our production and processing. It also makes the customer more convenient.

Choose a bottle that fits your business.