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The Solution Of Crack In Glass Bottle
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Glass wine bottle in the production also inevitably appears bottle body has crack and so on flaw, this defect has big and small, cause this kind of reason is a variety of, but.

In general, it is due to improper adjustment of the feeding machine. The machine is too slow and the drop temperature is too low. It could also be blowing in the air cooling.

The head is too shallow, the center is not right, blowing pressure is too big or compressed air contains moisture. What is the good solution to the crack?

Generally speaking, when the crack in the mouth part of the bottle, it is necessary to eliminate the cutting and printing, adjust the temperature and shape of the drop, and the head should be round.

Slippery. Adjust the cooling air, keeping the core and mold temperature appropriate. And adjust the time and pressure of blowing, do not blow on the bottle mouth.

Of course, these are only the most common crack problems. After the crack, the main solution is to exercise.

The person chooses the best method according to the situation.

Since the reform and opening up of our country, liquor bottles have changed from the "foreign stick" style to the high-end, beautiful and practical wine bottle.

Until now not only can drink, still can collect to do adornment to use. Of course, this has been a decade of change.

Baijiu is packed in several materials, including bronze, silver, wood, bamboo, glass and so on. So far, the most used is glass.

Wine bottles, ceramic bottles, plastic bottles, etc. Most of them are glass bottles, and the shandong glass bottle factory averages millions of sales each year.

Quantity, is our country style most complete, equipment the most advanced glass production county.

The glass bottle also according to the raw material different, the craft makes the difference, has the color wine bottle, the roast flower wine bottle, the crystal liquor bottle, the high spirit bottle.

Wait, its modelling has several thousand kinds, its connotation is rich, already is not only the container that holds wine, it is the testimony of the progress of Chinese wine culture.

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