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The Anti - Counterfeiting Technology Of Glass Bottle
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The glass bottle has a big advantage, it is high hardness, clean, can recycle and reuse, this is both the advantage and the shortcoming, there is a lot of lawlessness.

The molecule is attracted to this characteristic of glass bottle, to maotai, fenjiu, wuliangye and so on a variety of wine bottles, carry on recycling and reuse, put on ordinary check.

With the sale of the good liquor, the second packaging of the wine products, the appearance of all the characteristics of the wine is almost no difference, making the counterfeiters straight.

Get efficient benefits.

So, like some large wine manufacturers, it is very effective to make certain anti-counterfeiting technology for glass bottles or wine covers. With the current technology, high.

The development of the shift, many designers are also in the anti-counterfeiting function to struggle, the design of the twist, the open type, can sing, can talk multiple defense.

Pseudo-function is widely adopted by most manufacturers.