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How To Tell The Truth From The Bottle
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Because the glass bottle has a high hardness and cleaning, it can be used for the second time, which can save the cost and also allow the illegal elements to take advantage of it.

After recycling empty wine bottles, put them into fake wine, and carry out the outer packing, the fake wine made in the second time is almost the same as the real one, with many consumers paying a large price.

All money is bought with fake wine. This kind of phenomenon is already common, since can't solve the fundamental problem, learn to distinguish real fake wine, avoid to be cheated.

How to distinguish true and false wine, want to see first, look at the anti - counterfeit coating on wine bottle, real wine makes more delicate, can see different from different Angle?

Color and pattern. Also on the bottle and wine box packaging, the real wine is clear and the surface of the fake wine is blurred. The bottle mouth and the bottle.

The film is also an important feature, because it is later wrapped by oneself, so it should be carefully resolved.

Secondly, when drinking high-grade wine, it is necessary to use the destructive method of breaking down the wine box to prevent the second use of illegal elements.