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Glass Bottles Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of Packaging Materials
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Glass bottles are very common in our life and are often used as packaging materials, which requires us to buy glass bottles.

Pay attention to the selection of high quality glass bottles so as to ensure that the glass bottles will not affect the quality of the package when used. So, at ordinary times.

What do you need to pay attention to when you buy a glass bottle? How to judge the quality of glass bottles? Below, shandong glass bottle factory gives everybody brief to say 1.

The precautions for selecting glass bottles and the methods to judge the quality of glass bottles.

Pay attention to the size of the glass bottle. When choosing glass bottles, we must pay attention to the size of the glass bottle and the sample provided by the manufacturer before.

The size is consistent, look glass bottle and the matching condition of the lid, when choose and buy, must be careful to ensure the size of glass bottle is consistent, capacity is consistent, this.

The sample can be used to ensure that the glass bottle can meet the requirements of our use, and there will be no quality problems when used.

Be careful to check the material of the glass bottle. In the selection of glass bottles, different wine selection of glass bottle materials are also different, we are in the purchase.

You should pay attention to whether the sample is consistent with the sample provided by the manufacturer. Generally, the more transparent the glass bottle, the higher the material and the price.

For the higher, in the packaging can be used as high-grade products for packaging sales.

Measure the quality of glass bottles. Be sure to check the quality of the bottle before you use it for packaging.

We can eliminate the unqualified products in time, and can greatly reduce our losses in packaging. We usually use the test run.

The method is to test the quality of empty glass bottles, so that the efficiency is lower, the speed is slow, and the labor intensity is relatively large. So,

This requires us to look at some of the quality problems of glass bottles when we buy glass bottles.

Use of automated detection techniques. Although there are some automated testing techniques that can help us to detect the quality of glass bottles, they are.

It is the application of measurement, inspection and identification in the process of mass production and the application of linear CCD in continuous and scanning on-line measurement.

Very large advantages, which can greatly improve the automation of production and product quality and production efficiency, but for post-production inspection.

It's not very effective. You can find a bottle factory with advanced production equipment when you buy glass bottles, so that you can buy glass bottles.

Reduce our identification time.

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