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Common Defects In Glass Bottles And Solutions
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Because of some typical advantages of glass bottles in the packaging industry half of the mountain, the shandong glass bottle factory has been in a steady state of development.

But the glass bottles will have some common defects in the production process. How can the shandong glass bottle factory operate in the production process to avoid this?

What about some defects? Here are some common flaws and solutions to glass bottles.

The glass bottles are uneven. When it comes to the uneven thickness of glass bottles, it means that the glass is not evenly distributed on the glass bottle, which is due to the production.

In the case of temperature, a phenomenon that occurs when the temperature is high is easily blown out, causing the glass bottle to appear relative.

Thinner, lower temperature parts are easy to blow when blowing, resulting in uneven thickness of glass bottles. so

The temperature should be strictly controlled during production, so that the thickness of the glass bottle can be ensured when production.

Glass bottle deformation. In the production of glass bottles, we sometimes find that the glass bottles are deformed, which is due to the temperature during production.

The glass bottle is not fully formed when it is out of mold. After placing it, the glass bottle will appear and the glass bottle will appear.

Deformation phenomenon, when transportation belt will be printed on the grain mark, make the bottom of the glass jar uneven. Strictly control the production of glass bottles.

Temperature, can assure glass bottle does not appear deformation phenomenon.

Glass bottle cold spot phenomenon. And some of the glass bottles that come out on the surface will have some uneven patches, and that's what we call the cold spot,

The reason for this defect is that the mold temperature is too cold, or it may occur at the beginning of production or when the machine is shut down.

Situation. We need to control the temperature during the production of glass bottles so as to ensure that there will not be any cold spots.