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Characteristics Of Bottle Cap With Glass Bottle
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Everyone knows that liquor has no shelf life, and the longer it takes, the higher the value of the wine. However, the liquor can be well preserved, except for the glass.

Besides the effect of glass bottle, there is an unobtainable merit - the wine lid.

The bottle cap is an important part of the packaging of the glass bottle. It serves as the sealing property of the inner wine, and also prevents the opening, dust and mosquitoes entering.

It is an indispensable packaging process in various packaging industries.

The use of the wine lid is more than that, there are still a lot of black heart manufacturers in the market to use recycled real glass bottles, inside the ordinary bad liquor mixed into the city.

The high price of the field, if the use of anti - counterfeit wine bottle, can effectively eliminate this phenomenon. Consumers can also open bottles after they buy.

The biggest advantage of this is that you can't reuse it and break the law.