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Plastic bottle cap
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Plastic anti-theft bottle cap is a commonly used packaging form of bottle packaging, especially in the field of beverage, which can be divided into gas according to its use.

Beverage bottle cap and no gas beverage bottle cap. Generally, polyolefin is the main raw material, through injection molding, hot pressing and other processing molding. Plastic anti-theft bottle

Cover is required to facilitate the opening of consumers, and it is necessary to avoid the leakage problem caused by poor sealing performance. How to properly seal the bottle cap?

The ability to control is the focus of production unit online or off-line detection.

Performance characteristics of plastic anti-theft bottle cap.

1. The inner wall of the top of the bottle cap is provided with a circular anti-leakage ring;

2. The lower end of the bottle cap is connected with an anti-theft ring by the tension reinforcement;

At the same time, the inner wall of the anti-theft ring is evenly distributed with a number of flaps.

Through this design, the bottle cap has a good sealing, leakproof and anti-theft property, and it is safe and convenient to use, which can effectively prevent the liquid from being contaminated by bacteria.

Pollution can ensure that all kinds of beverage packaging conform to national hygiene standards and other characteristics.

The sealing performance of the plastic bottle cap is the main factor that affects the packaging leakage and the product deterioration, and the reasonable control of the sealing performance can be ensured.

Its good open performance, can also avoid leakage generation. The above is a brief introduction to the detection of the leakage and sealing performance of the plastic anti-theft bottle cap.

Hope to be able to help the quality control of the production and use units of plastic anti-theft caps.