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How does the oral liquid aluminum cover prevent leakage
- Apr 26, 2018 -

At present, most of the oral liquid seal packaging adopts aluminum cover. How does the oral liquid aluminum cover prevent leakage? We strengthen it in three ways.

This function!

1. As the aluminum cover for oral liquid packaging, there must be some guarantee for its quality!

2. The oral liquid aluminum cover should be tightly integrated with the bottle cap, and the aluminum cover of the glass bottle is different from that of the plastic bottle cap.

The moment is too small sealing effect is bad, and the moment too big may produce the release sealing effect is also bad, only the moment is moderate to ensure the sealing effect.

3. The glass bottle and the plastic bottle cap should pay attention to the aging of plastic. Glass does not have aging problems, but plastic has an aging problem.

Don't agree. Even if the plastics are not subjected to stress and corrosion, static placement and aging can be greatly reduced in the case of stress and corrosion.

. If the oral liquid aluminum cover is selected, the aging test must be done, and the material with long life is longer than the product storage period. Make the above three points, then mouth.

The liquid product not only does not leak, but also extends its shelf life.