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Application of aluminum plastic bottle cap
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Aluminum plastic cap is a kind of medicine bottle cap, mainly used for injection bottle and infusion bottle. Current application in medical glass bottle: low.

A combination of borosilicate glass and aluminum cover. Aluminum plastic bottle cap is an important part of food and beverage packaging, and also consumers first contact with the product.

Place. The aluminum plastic bottle cover has the function of keeping the contents of content products sealed, and it also has the function of anti-theft and security, so it is widely used.

Bottled products, so the aluminum plastic bottle cap is food, drinks industry, wine, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry upstream industry, is a bottle container packaging key products.

. In the early stage of the development of aluminum and plastic bottle cap, cork material, crown cover and spiral cover were used to develop aluminum long neck aluminum cover and carbonated drink.

Aluminum cover, hot pack aluminum cover, injection aluminum cover, cover, open cover, safety knob and plastic aluminum plastic caps and other products.

Because the plastic bottle cap is an important part of the packaging industry, the change of the demand of the downstream consumer market will directly affect the market demand for the aluminum plastic bottle cap.

The demand for the product packaging is higher, and the demand for the product is driven by the booming development of the beverage industry. And aluminum plastic bottle cap products house.

Drink packaging industry key position, so the development trend of the beverage industry will directly affect the demand for bottle cap products. In recent years aluminum plastic bottle cap product market demand.

Stable and growing trend, but the use of packaging material changes, relative to the aluminum plastic bottle cap product structure changes; On the whole, will

It will improve the use ratio of plastic cover. Although the aluminum cover is partially replaced by plastic cover, it is mainly used in wine and functional beverage, and the demand is stable and growing, while the claw cover is used.

The demand ratio varies considerably.