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Shandong United MeBong located in the city of one of the ancient Kyushu--Yanzhou. It is an international trade enterprise, which is registered and approved by the Ministry of Commerce and customs. Our company has international trade experience for many years, and it has reputation in the domestic and international market with high quality goods, high quality service,the more international trade is, the much stronger the company strength is.

  • 700ml Super Flint Vodka Glass Bottle Rum Glass Bottle

    700ml Super Flint Vodka Glass Bottle Rum Glas...

    700ml super flint vodka glass bottle, rum glass bottle This super flint glass bottle could be used for vodka, rum, gin, Tequila,and we could also do...

  • Clear Vodka Bottle

    Clear Vodka Bottle

    Clear vodka bottle Vodka is a traditional Russian alcoholic beverages,use corn or potatoes as raw material, through alcohol distilled from as high as 95...

  • Top Grade XO Glass Bottle

    Top Grade XO Glass Bottle

    Top Grade XO Glass Bottle The XO is the finest brandy that represents the top, as well as the VSOP, VS, and VO levels. In the brandy, XO and VSOP are all...

  • Square Juice Glass Bottle

    Square Juice Glass Bottle

    Square juice glass bottle Want a perfect juice bottle for your juice?pls contact us from our selection of juice bottles and you'll find bottles of all...

  • 500ml Glass Beer Bottle

    500ml Glass Beer Bottle

    Product Name: 500ml/16.9oz Amber Glass Beer Bottle With Swing top Product Description: Our 500 ml beer bottles are perfect for your latest creation. 500 ml...

  • 1000ml Red Wine Glass Bottle

    1000ml Red Wine Glass Bottle

    Product name: 1000ml Amber Red Wine Glass Bottle Aluminum Screw Caps Product Application: Bring enough so everyone can have a taste with these 1...


About Mebong

Our company mainly engaged in glass containers and their accessory products, glass products covering high-end vodka bottles, Bordeaux wine bottle, Burgundy wine bottle, champagne wine bottle, ice wine bottles, beer bottles, beverage bottles, food storage bottles, household glass jar, cosmetics packaging materials, ect. Our company has thousands of varieties products, in order to comprehensive meet customer’s requirements, our company provides personal product design service for the customer.

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